Airoma Air Freshener

Airoma Air Freshener

Prioritise freshness with our maximum impact air fresheners. Enhance the atmosphere of your washroom with long-lasting fragrance that smells as great on day 56 as it did on day 1.

This battery operated, wall mounted air freshener offers a 5-scent rotation and a modern white gloss design. They are fully maintained and serviced either every 28 or 56 days, according to the size of your washroom.



Our white airoma air freshener comes in a clean, modern design that is perfect for your washroom or any area in your workplace. It has an LED display which shows a real time countdown letting you know how long it has left until the next spray. Place this air freshener in the doorway and the fragrance will cover the whole room and float outside when the door is open too, creating a lasting first impression in and last impression out.

As part of the rental cost, we service either every 28 or 56 days, according to the size of your washroom. These units offer a flexible programming option, allowing a choice on how often you would like them to spray. The monthly setting can spray either every 7 and a half minutes or every 15 minutes. The bi-monthly setting sprays either every 15 or 30 minutes. We provide all refills and recycle any used components, such as cannisters and batteries, as part of our environmental programme. So all you have to worry about is how great your workspace smells.

The airoma air freshener is also available in a chrome effect. Additionally, we offer a vibe pro air freshener which is more suitable for larger spaces.

Key Features

4-weekly or 8-weekly service

Battery operated

Wall mounted

White gloss finish

Dispenses a metered spray

Oil based

LED display shows real time countdown

5 scent rotation to prevent fragrance fatigue

Can turn itself off during non-working hours

Additional information

Service Frequency

4 or 8 weekly


3000 sprays per refill